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If you are a Part 135 Commercial Air Carrier that does not take advantage of FBO Logistics' unique rental opportunities to ensure both FAR 121 and FAR 135 compliance for overwater routes, your bottom line will surely suffer in wasted fuel and wasted time. FBO Logistics will ensure your bottom line remains strong — for now and in the years to come. We assure your over water flight plans are provisioned with survival products life rafts at airport supply depot sites.

How can FBO Logistics supply these much-needed survival products on a national scale?

FBO Logistics has a nationwide network of Fixed Base Operator Depots whereby operators can rent life rafts, life vests and other survival products, as opposed to dealing with the extra fuel cost of up to $500,000 per year if your aircraft is permanently rafted and hauling an extra 60 to 90 pounds per flight. We provide survival products life rafts services and supplies for over water flights at Galaxy Aviation, Signature Flight Support, Jet Aviation, Million Air, and many other locations.

Life Rafts and Survival Gear When and Where You need Them

FBO Logistics is pleased to offer its innovative 'Smart Move Program', whereby, for example, you can pick up the necessary survival equipment at our depot in New York at Teterboro Airport and drop it off in Houston at our depot there. The saving grace is you do not have to ship the equipment back to New York. As you know, inside the life rafts are air canisters, which make the equipment hazardous material to ship. Without the Smart Move Program, you would be forced to find a Class 9 FAA certified shipper and pay to ship the equipment back to its originating spot. With our Smart Move Program, you don’t have to worry about the added expense or hassle.

FBO Logistics is in tune with its customer base and is proud to offer this service, enabling those in the commercial air carrier industry to reduce their carbon footprint while boosting their own bottom line.

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